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Xen Functional Safety Update Slides

A Second pair of Eyes

OpenFastTrace is now on YouTube

OpenFastTrace 4.0.0 Released

Copy as Markdown

Itsallcode gets a new blog

Tracability Talk at the Xen Summit

Initial Public Release of Whiterabbit Time Recording

New Gradle Plugin for OFT

Long time, no see

New Project Structure for OpenFastTrace

Time Recording Tool

Slow Bash Auto Completion

Maven Plugin for OFT Created

Gradle Plugin Supports HTML Reports

OpenFastTrace 2.2.0 Released

Recovering JPGs From a Broken File System on a Flash Disk

Gradle Plugin Upgraded to OpenFastTrace 2.1.0

OpenFastTrace 2.1.0 released

OpenFastTrace 2.0.2 Released

On Refactoring an Hidden Technical Dept

OpenFastTrace 2.0.0 Released

OpenFastTrace Gradle plugin 0.4.0 released

Speed up Writing OFT Specifications With WikiText Templates for Eclipse

Publish to Maven Central

Openfasttrace 1.1.0 Released

Improving Test Coverage in log Message

Release letters – useful for users but a coupling nightmare for developers

Named vs. Numeric Requirement IDs

OFT Specifications as PDF

And This is why we Can’t Have Nice Things

Almost Impressive

Dating Back WordPress Blog Posts

Releasing to Maven Central

OpenFastTrace 1.0.0

Samsung Printer “Security”

Intrusive Sharing

Test Coverage Pitfalls

Test Coverage Pitfalls