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Samsung Printer “Security”

Not much time today, so just a list of “features” I’ve discovered on my shiny new Samsung M2825 printer.

  • HTTP but no HTTPS (admittedly most devices do that since there is the problem of how to start the certificate chain)
  • Default user / password: “admin” / “sec00000”
  • No mention of open HTTP server in installation manual
  • No mention in handbook
  • Shipped with firmware from 2015
  • Firmware update dialog does not indicate that new firmware is available
  • Firmware update via file upload from PC – not convenient
  • Ton of protocols switched on by default
  • HTML Handbook broken (text only) after unpacking
  • Firmware well-hidden on the support page (unfold and scroll down): (edit 2018-07-01: this link not available anymore)
  • Password cut after 18 characters (no indication when entering new password)
  • Offers to select source IP for login (probably intended to improve “security”)


Another example that “S” stands for security in IOT.