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New Gradle Plugin for OFT

It took a while, but now we finally released version 0.7.0 containing the Gradle plugin for OpenFastTrace 3.0.2.

There were some issues that delayed the release:

  • The configuration of plugins changed in Gradle 6.0. The old API is deprecated and will be removed in Gradle 7.0, so we had to migrate to the new API.
  • Calculating the test coverage of Gradle plugin integration tests requires plugin jacoco-gradle-testkit-plugin. With new Gradle versions the test task fails under Windows with exception message Failed to create MD5 hash for file content. This is a known issue caused by a gradle background process locking the Jacoco coverage result file build/jacoco/test.exec. Fortunately there is a workaround described in the issue. Now Sonarcloud reports a test coverage of 90% for the plugin.

The new Gradle plugin requires Java 11 and Gradle 6.0. We ensure compatibility with versions 6.0 and 6.4.1 with additional integration tests.