Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The owner of this website collects logs with the following content:

  • URL of the requested site
  • IP address or hostname of the client
  • Web user agent identifier
  • Operating system
  • Referrer address
  • Access date and time

The operator creates an aggregated statistics of the most popular sub pages and search terms, home countries of the visitors and distribution of access times.

No individual (per user) analysis is done.

In order to comment users can optionally leave their names, a pseudonym, their web address or an email. The email addresses are not published.

Registered users must enter a user name and an email address. All other fields are optional.

For logged in users the site uses cookies as a means of access control.

No personal data is given to third parties.

The social media buttons are implemented using the Shariff library invented by heise online. It abstracts the sharing operation so that no statistics are collected.