New release of OFT and plugins

We recently published new releases of OpenFastTrace and its Maven and Gradle plugins: OpenFastTrace 3.1.0 OpenFastTrace Maven Plugin 1.1.0 OpenFastTrace Gradle Plugin 0.8.0 OpenFastTrace now supports importing tags from more file types, especially Clojure, Kotlin and Scala. Thanks to @morazow for his contribution! Stay tuned for the next release, Poldi is working on an exporter […]

Long time, no see

The previous blog post was published more than one year ago. That’s why it’s high time for an update. We where busy in the last weeks preparing some new releases for you! OpenFastTrace 3.0.2 This major release contains these changes: The project now requires Java 11 for building and running. We re-structured the packages to […]

New project structure for OpenFastTrace

We are happy to announce the latest release 2.3.5 of OpenFastTrace. In this release we split the source code into sub-modules for api, importers, exporters etc. This has some advantages: The dependencies of plugins are now enforced by the compiler. It is not possible that e.g. the specobject exporter depends on the specobject importer. Developers […]

Gradle plugin upgraded to OpenFastTrace 2.1.0

After releasing OpenFastTrace 2.1.0 it was high time to release the corresponding Gradle plugin in version 0.5.0. This is a drop-in update, just update the version number and benefit from the features and bugfixes of OFT 2.1.0. During the release process we also fixed the sonar analysis and some sonar warnings. We also used the […]